Single Source

Single Source delivers an atlas of truthful, concrete networks between and within target customers. Connect purchase behaviour to media preference. Put ad awareness in the context of lifestyle goals. Correlate specific product attitudes to credit cards, technology adoption, or ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers. Explore. Discover. Know.   

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Helix Personas is a unique and powerful consumer segmentation and data integration tool that combines sophisticated psychographic and behavioural data to classify the Australian population into 56 Personas and 7 Communities.

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Our Risk Monitor tracks hundreds of brands across 25 industry sectors. It is available in a variety of formats, from snapshot overviews, to dashboards and deep-dive bespoke reports. Now an in-depth understanding of the trends and drivers of distrust and trust is at your fingertips.  
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Roy Morgan Audiences brings together Roy Morgan’s industry leading Single Source and Helix Personas data, with a panel of over 19 million internet connected devices, to provide an unmatched level of accuracy and clarity in measuring digital audiences.
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Customer Satisfaction Awards

Roy Morgan Research collects customer satisfaction ratings from ongoing Single Source surveys of over 50,000 Australians and 22,000 business decision-makers annually. This data is used to determine the monthly and annual winners of the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.

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ASTEROID gives researchers the speed, creativity and power to extract maximum value from their survey data. With minimal experience and training users can explore data, generate and test hypotheses, follow up ideas, search for supporting evidence, and transform simple data into usable market intelligence.

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The Reactor is the original ‘Worm’ that has famously graphed viewers’ reactions to political debates over several decades and provided critical insights into the effectiveness of thousands of ads, programs and events, worldwide.

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Young Australians
Understanding Young Australians is Roy Morgan Research’s twice-yearly report on what’s hot and what’s not among Australian children aged 6 to 13 years. Tracking kids’ behaviour, attitudes and media consumption, this continuous survey provides an invaluable insight into opportunities for marketers to reach this influential group.
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The vast majority of Australians aged 14+ use some form of social media.  Understanding your target market’s social networking habits is crucial for your business to thrive in this increasingly digital age. Our range of ready-made and customised products will help set you on the path to social success!
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Values Segments
Organisations today are facing increasingly complex and sophisticated marketplaces. Audiences are more fragmented and demand targeted information — which is why marketers need a meaningful approach that goes beyond demographic and psychographic analysis. Roy Morgan Research’s Values Segments* are the answer.
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Segmentation Analytics

Market segmentation is central to the work we do at Roy Morgan Research. By dividing a market into distinct and specific sub-groups, we ensure that our clients can pinpoint their target audience and plan their new products and marketing communications accordingly.

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State of the Nation
Whether it’s our in-depth Young Australian Survey (released twice a year), our renowned State of the Nation report (quarterly), or government-funded projects like Journeys Home, you can count on Roy Morgan Research’s major reports to be consistently accurate and informative.
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Quote The depth of understanding of consumers we gain from Single Source really helps us learn how to communicate most effectively with each specific segment. Together with Morgan’s market trend data, this enables us to act proactively and make insightful decisions that give us a competitive edge  Quote

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